Monday, September 30, 2013

The Weather - It is a Changin'!

Turn off that A/C!

Open up them windows!

Kick the kids outside to play! And you go with them!

Take a walk.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Keep a sweater handy - just in case.

You can even drive around with windows rolled down - if you want to.

Go explore.

Don't worry about parking next to the only tree in the parking lot to catch a bit of shade.

Put a leash on that dog and have him/her take you for a drag around the block.

Find a park with swings. You know what to do next.

Make plans to visit the State Fair. And keep them.

Visit the Arboretem.

Shop at your local farmer's market. And let the kids pick out something new. Or their favorite.

Kick some leaves around.

Find a new recipe for soup and cook it all day long in the slow cooker. So nice to come home to!

Make you family plans for Thanksgiving (it'll be here sooner than you think!).

Got your costume ready? (And, no, you can't wear a robe over your PJs and call it "Ready for bed." That's MY gag. Has been for years. You'll have to get creative all on your own!)

Go to a football game. No - not pro. HS or MS. Root! Root! Root! for the home team!

But don't put your flip flops away just yet. Still got some good wearin' time left before "real" shoes are a necessity.

Be grateful for fall, y'all!

It only lasts for a few moments - and then poof! It's gone!

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